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2nd Generation



Key Numbers + Information

Production at Ireland's 1st Biorefinery:

50 million litres

 of bioethanol/year 

Total Irish market 2015 - 2025 Circa:

60 million litres

of bioethanol/year

100% Irish sourced waste, Cereal Straw, producing 2nd Gen

Advanced Bioethanol

100% imported from USA/Brazil -

1st Gen sourced

from food crops

Current Supply of Bio-Ethanol to Irish Market

Irelands first Biorefinery will be capable of producing and with "Double counting" exceed Irelands current EU mandated requirments for Biothanol blended trasnportation fuel. Current legislation states that 5% of all petrol must be Bioethanol. This 5% is currently met with imports of 60 Million Litres per year from USA and Brazil, often via Roterdam. The Bioethanol is made from Corn and Sugar Cane, a food crop with high embdded co2

With  Proesa™ technology (insert name here) will be producing 2nd Generation Bioethanol from waste cereal straw sourced eitirely from a within a 120Km radius of the Biorefinery in Co.Offaly.

Proesa™ belongs to the so-called “second-generation” technologies which allow the use of the sugars present in lignocellulosic biomass (Cereal Straw) to obtain fuel and other chemicals with lower greenhouse gas emissions and at competitive costs compared to fossil fuels (oil, natural gas).

13MW electricity production

The plant is totally self-sufficient

From within 120Km radius of





The plant is totally self-sufficient

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